Company nameYJ Capital Inc.
FoundedAugust 7, 2012
Board MembersCEO, Ryu Hirayama
Toshiki Oya, Board member and CFO at Yahoo! Japan
Takao Ozawa, Executive officer at Yahoo! Japan
ShareholdersYahoo! Japan Inc.
FundsFund name : YJ1 Investment Partnership
Started Investing : September 2012
Amount Raised : 3 billion JPY
Fund name : YJ2 Investment Partnership
Started Investing : January 2015
Amount Raised : 20 billion JPY
Ryu Hirayama
Ryu Hirayama has served as CEO of YJ Capital since January 2015 and VP of Corporate Development at Yahoo Japan Corporation since April 2014. He currently serves on the board of directors of YJ America, Inc and SB Innoventure Corp. Prior to Yahoo Japan, Ryu worked at Goldman Sachs as VP in mergers and acquisitions group, focusing on cross border buyside/sellside transactions. He started his career at Bank of Japan.

Ryu received his bachelor's degree in Economics from Waseda University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.
Yahoo! JAPANとして、次代を担う皆様のお役に立ちたい。
Board Member
Toshiki Oya
Toshiki joined Yahoo Japan in 2003, held various posts such as the head of Corporate Development and became the CEO of CREO Corporation in 2011. He is currently Managing Corporate Officer, Senior Executive Vice President, Director and Chief Financial Officer of Yahoo Japan. Also he serves on the board director of YJ Capital. Prior to joining Yahoo, he started is career at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC.

Toshiki received his bachelor's degree in Economics from Keio University.
Board Member
Takao Ozawa
Takao is the former CEO and currently serves as the board director of YJ Capital. He is also the President of Shopping Company at Yahoo Japan. Prior to Yahoo, he founded Bizseek, Inc. in 1999 which was acquired by Rakuten, Inc. in 2001. He joined Rakuten after the acquisition and was the Corporate Officer in charge of auctions. During his career in Rakuten, he was engaged in projects such as formation of Rakuten Eagles. He left Rakuten in 2006 and founded Ozawa Research Institute where he enhanced business in areas such as investments to start-up companies and consulting. In 2011, he founded Crocos, Inc. which was sold to Yahoo Japan in 2012. As an angel investor, he invested/founded companies like nanapi, Appgrooves, STARFESTIVAL, Crocos, Netage and many others.

Takao received his bachelor's degree in Economics from Waseda University.

Partner, CFO
Yosuke Tomatsuri
Yosuke joined YJ Capital in 2012 where he was involved in projecting and founding the capital with Toshiki and Takao. He now serves as CFO and is responsible of conducting due diligence and managing fund operations. Previously, he worked in Mergers and Acquisition group of Yahoo Japan. Prior to joining Yahoo Japan, he began his career at Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd. (formerly Nippon Investment & Finance co., Ltd.) and then supported launching the venture capital of Aozora Bank, Ltd.

Yosuke has invested in 17 companies which 6 went public such as F@N Communications, Inc., Anicom Holdings, Inc., Pharmarise Holdings Corp, etc. Total capital gain sums up to several billion.
Yoshimasa Kasuya
Yoshimasa has served as partner of YJ Capital since 2012 and Manager of Business Development team for the Yahoo shopping service. Prior to Yahoo Japan, he worked at Rakuten where he took part in business/service development and previously McKinsey & Company focusing on planning marketing strategy.

Yoshimasa received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tokyo University.
Partner, COO
Shinichiro Hori
"Shin"ichiro joined Yahoo Japan in April 2013. From July 2013, he joined YJ Capital. He has served as COO of YJ Capital since January 2015. Prior to Yahoo! Japan, Shin was General Director of Dream Incubator Vietnam from 2007 to 2012, managing US$50 million private equity funds in Vietnam. He was formerly a Project Manager at Dream Incubator Japan. He started his career at Future Architect as a system engineer.

Shin received his bachelor's degree in Policy Management from Keio University.
Yusuke Tanaka
Yusuke is an Executive Vice President of Yahoo Japan and the head of Yahoo Japan’s Personal Services Company. In 1996, he co-founded and became CEO of Dennotai Co., Ltd., one of the pioneering mobile internet ventures in Japan. In 2000, Dennotai and its joint venture PIM Co., Ltd. was acquired by Yahoo! JAPAN and founded Fractalist Co., Ltd. which he successfully led to IPO as a president in 2006. He also founded Fractalist China Co., Ltd. in 2003, which grew to be one of the largest companies in the Chinese mobile marketing industry through its partnership with China Mobile. After leaving Fractalist, Yusuke joined Yahoo Japan in 2012 where he was initially responsible for developing its e-commerce businesses.

Yusuke received a master’s degree in Media and Governance from Keio University.
Shin Murakami
Shin is an experienced entrepreneur and joined Yahoo Japan in 2000 due to the merger of PIM Corporation and Yahoo Japan. He has long experience in mobile and currently serves as a Chief Mobile Officer. He is also an expert in mobile and wireless technology and is the board member at Y!mobile which is a mobile carrier under SoftBank Mobile.

Shin received his bachelor's degree in Science Engineering from Aoyama Gakuin University.
Gen Miyazawa
Gen founded Cirius Technologies, Inc., a start-up providing location-based advertising platform, which was acquired by Yahoo Japan in 2010 and joined Yahoo Japan as a project leader of YDN (formerly Interest Matching Program). In 2014, he became the President of Search Company and the youngest Corporate Officer of Yahoo Japan. He participated in WEF Annual meeting in Davos in 2012 as a member of Global Shapers Tokyo Hub and also St.Gallen Symposium in 2011 as a member of Leaders of Tomorrow.

Gen received his bachelor's degree in Agriculture from Tokyo University.
Hiroki Taniguchi
Hiroki Joined Yahoo Japan on January 2013. From April 2014, He serves as a Director of Corporate Srategy and Business Development (ongoing). Before joining Yahoo JAPAN, he spent 6 years at Mckinsey & Company focusing on TMT sector. He mainly supported clients in high-tech, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public sector industry with themes like growth strategy, globalization/Japan entry, acquisition/alliance, new business development, R&D, marketing, operation improvement.

Hiroki holds an MBA/MOT degree from University of California, Berkeley. Also he received a bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Applied Physics from Kyoto University and University of Tokyo respectively.
Kanako Honda
Kanako joined YJ Capital in 2015. Previously, she was a member of the Business Development team for the Yahoo shopping service. She was responsible for directing the implementation of overseas system and building campaign strategies for the B2C/C2C e-commerce business. Also, she focused on establishing strong, exciting and ongoing relationships with domestic/foreign enterprises.

Kanako received her bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Sophia University.
Haruku Horiuchi
Haruku joined YJ Capital in January 2015. Prior to joining the team, he was a business analyst of corporate development at Yahoo Japan, focusing on corporate strategy, new business development, acquisition/alliance, and integration.

Haruku received his bachelor's degree in Commerce and Management from Hitotsubashi University.

We are here to help global minded
entrepreneurs build successful and lasting
internet companies
Mentoring by successful entrepreneurs
The Most entrepreneurial venture capital in Japan.
Our partners are former entrepreneurs who joined after the acquisition made by Yahoo Japan.
Corporate Officer, EVP President of Shopping Company of Yahoo Japan Corp. Founder of Bizseek
Corporate Officer, EVP President of Personal Services Company of Yahoo Japan Corp. Founder of Fractalist
Corporate Officer, EVP Chief Mobile Officer of Yahoo Japan Corp. Co-Founder of Dennotai
Corporate Officer, EVP President of Media Service Company of Yahoo Japan Corp. Founder of Cirius Technologies
Unique access to Yahoo Japan’s operational experience
Unparalleled Japan market entry support
Our sole LP allows us to focus only on our portfolio companies
Fast decision making and focused support due to sole LP fund operation.
2016/9/26YJ Capital, Inc. is relocating its head office to Kioicho as of September 26
2016/8/1Intimate Merger, Inc. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2016/7/11Paktor Pte Ltd. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2016/4/13Actcat, Inc. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2016/4/11Twiggle Ltd. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2016/3/29BizReach, Inc. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2015/12/3MONEY DESIGN Co.,Ltd receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2015/10/31Hacobu receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2015/9/9Photosynth receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2015/9/1FASTMEDIA receives investment funding from YJ1 Investment Partnership

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