Company nameYJ Capital Inc.
FoundedAugust 7, 2012
Board Members CEO, Shinichiro Hori
ShareholdersYahoo Japan Corporation
Funds Fund name : YJ1 Investment Partnership
Started Investing : September 2012
Amount Raised : 3 billion JPY
Fund name : YJ2 Investment Partnership
Started Investing : January 2015
Amount Raised : 20 billion JPY
Fund name : YJ3 Investment Partnership
Started Investing : September 2018
Amount Raised : 20 billion JPY
Fund name : EVG Fund, L.P.,
Started Investing : March 2018
Amount Raised : $200 million
Operating Code Republic which is the accelerator program for seed startups
Shinichiro Hori
"Shin"ichiro joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in April 2013. From July 2013, he joined YJ Capital. He had served as COO of YJ Capital since January 2015, and now serves as CEO since November 2016. Prior to Yahoo Japan Corporation, Shin was General Director of Dream Incubator Vietnam from 2007 to 2012, managing US$50 million private equity funds in Vietnam. He was formerly a Project Manager at Dream Incubator Japan. He started his career at Future Architect as a system engineer.

Shin received his bachelor's degree in Policy Management from Keio University.
Hogil Doh
Hogil Doh joined Yahoo Japan Capital as Partner in February 2020. Prior to YJ Capital, he was a Partner at Rakuten Ventures and managed domestic and overseas investment activities. Most notably, while at Rakuten Ventures, Doh led the creation of a JPY 10 billion fund specifically focused on investing in and accelerating Japanese technology innovation.
Having spent 5+ years in the M&A team of Rakuten, Inc., Hogil was instrumental in key transactions for the Rakuten Group, including the acquisitions of Ebates, Kobo, and ( and its successful minority investment in Pinterest. He also enjoyed short stints in the marketing and genre strategy section of Rakuten’s e-commerce business.
Hogil received his Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Finance and Financial Services from San Francisco State University
Takao Ozawa
Takao is the former CEO of YJ Capital. He is also the President of Shopping Company at Yahoo Japan. Prior to Yahoo, he founded Bizseek, Inc. in 1999 which was acquired by Rakuten, Inc. in 2001. He joined Rakuten after the acquisition and was the Corporate Officer in charge of auctions. During his career in Rakuten, he was engaged in projects such as formation of Rakuten Eagles. He left Rakuten in 2006 and founded Ozawa Research Institute where he enhanced business in areas such as investments to start-up companies and consulting. In 2011, he founded Crocos, Inc. which was sold to Yahoo Japan in 2012. As an angel investor, he invested/founded companies like nanapi, Appgrooves, STARFESTIVAL, Crocos, Netage and many others.
Yusuke Tanaka
Yusuke is an Executive Vice President of Yahoo Japan and the head of Yahoo Japan’s Personal Services Company. In 1996, he co-founded and became CEO of Dennotai Co., Ltd., one of the pioneering mobile internet ventures in Japan. In 2000, Dennotai and its joint venture PIM Co., Ltd. was acquired by Yahoo! JAPAN and founded Fractalist Co., Ltd. which he successfully led to IPO as a president in 2006. He also founded Fractalist China Co., Ltd. in 2003, which grew to be one of the largest companies in the Chinese mobile marketing industry through its partnership with China Mobile. After leaving Fractalist, Yusuke joined Yahoo Japan in 2012 where he was initially responsible for developing its e-commerce businesses.

Yusuke received a master’s degree in Media and Governance from Keio University.
Gen Miyazawa
Gen founded Cirius Technologies, Inc., a start-up providing location-based advertising platform, which was acquired by Yahoo Japan in 2010 and joined Yahoo Japan as a project leader of YDN (formerly Interest Matching Program). In 2014, he became the President of Search Company and the youngest Corporate Officer of Yahoo Japan. In 2016, he became Executive Corporate Officer EVP, President of Media & Marketing Solutions Group of Yahoo Japan. He participated in WEF Annual meeting in Davos in 2012 as a member of Global Shapers Tokyo Hub and also St.Gallen Symposium in 2011 as a member of Leaders of Tomorrow.

Gen received his bachelor's degree in Agriculture from Tokyo University.
Hiroki Taniguchi
Hiroki Joined Yahoo Japan on January 2013. From April 2014, He serves as a Director of Corporate Srategy and Business Development (ongoing). Before joining Yahoo JAPAN, he spent 6 years at Mckinsey & Company focusing on TMT sector. He mainly supported clients in high-tech, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public sector industry with themes like growth strategy, globalization/Japan entry, acquisition/alliance, new business development, R&D, marketing, operation improvement.

Hiroki holds an MBA/MOT degree from University of California, Berkeley. Also he received a bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Applied Physics from Kyoto University and University of Tokyo respectively.
Yoshiharu Okubo
Yoshi joined YJ Capital in January 2018. Previously he worked at Sumitomo Corporation as an investment analyst after which he moved to ICT division and played a key role in starting a US$50mil FinTech business in Singapore and SEA.
He was then in charge of FinTech startup investments in the SEA, and was seconded to a remittance company to oversee and support it's IPO process as well as the company's new business initiatives.
Yoshi received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Carleton College in the US with Magna Cum Laude. He started and sold his company to an angel while in college.
Shion Okamoto
Shion joined YJ Capital in 2016. Before joining YJ Capital, she was an associate of Mori Hamada Matsumoto and provided legal support to clients mainly with respect to mergers and acquisitions and general corporate matters.

Shion received her bachelor’s degree in law from Keio University.
Hiroto Tsuge
Hiroto joined Yahoo Japan and YJ Capital in 2019. He started his career with a Japanese governmental organization as researcher of overseas economy and industry. After that, he joined a consulting firm specialized for public projects in developing countries, and involved in rural development programs in Asia. Prior to joining Yahoo, he was a manager of CVC at Fujitsu to accelerate spin-off projects and collaborations with startups.
Hiroto holds Master’s degrees in Political Science from Keio University and in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University.
Investment Manager
Kohei Okubo
Kohei joined YJ Capital in 2017. Previously, he was a member of Yahoo Shopping service.
He has experience in Sales for the company that participate in our B2C e-commerce platform.
He also focused on introducing programmatic advertising as a member of Advertising Planning team.

Kohei received his Master’s degree in Management of Technology from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Investment Manager
Keita Matsuyama
He joined Yahoo Japan. And he was seconded to GYAO Corporation as a General Manager of Ad Products Development.
He focused on joint business development in the fields of video streaming service and digital marketing.
And he founded his company that provide online travel service.
He received his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Waseda University.
Investment Manager
Masaki Yuda
Masaki joined YJ Capital in October 2018. Prior to joining the team, he was a financial analyst in the Media Group at Yahoo Japan. His responsibilities included analyzing and reporting financial status, formulating a business plan, and developing financial operations. He was also a former member of the Marketing Division optimizing marketing campaigns and creating advanced marketing methods using digital technologies. He also has experience with product planning and development for Paid-Listing and Interest-Matching advertising products.
Masaki received his bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Waseda University.
Lucheng Li
Lucheng joined YJ Capital in 2020. Before that, he was a member of Recruit Inc and worked as a marketing specialist, in charge of contents SEO, UIUX design and paid advertising for two main services.
Also he started a company that helps foreign students to apply college when he was a college student.
Lucheng received his bachelor's degree in politics science and economics.
Jumpei Yamashita
Jumpei Yamashita joined YJ Capital in 2019.
Previously, he was in charge of advertising sales specializing in listing&network ads consulting in Yahoo! Japan.
Yamashita received his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Chuo University.
Corporate Planning Department Head
Hirotaka Yasunaga
Hirotaka joined YJ Capital in October 2016. Prior to joining the team, he was member of the group company's administration department and auditing department at Yahoo Japan. He was responsible for founding the new subsidiary's company in England, PMI, and auditing. Prior to joining Yahoo Japan, he worked for management planning department at machinery company, and new business development department at printing company.

Hirotaka received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Meijigakuin University.
Deputy General Counsel
Teruaki Matsushima
Teruaki joined YJ Capital in November 2019.
He is also in charge of strategic legal affairs (M&A, investment etc.) and information security management in Yahoo Japan.
He joined Yahoo Japan in October 2017 and dedicated himself to legal support and advice mainly for e-commerce platform business, strategic M&A, venture capital funding, startup acceleration and investment. Prior to joining Yahoo Japan, he was engaged in legal support and advice mainly for a lot of business alliances for R&D and OEM, joint venture business in the USA, China, Russia, corporate venture capital Real Tech Fund foundation in Isuzu Motors Limited.
Previously, at the dawn of the Internet era, he started his career in KDD Corporation as a consulting solution sales manager for high speed data transfer system for foreign capital global financial companies in Tokyo. He received his bachelor's degree in law from the University of Tokyo.

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Our partners are former entrepreneurs who joined after the acquisition made by Yahoo Japan.
Corporate Officer, EVP President of Shopping Company of Yahoo Japan Corp. Founder of Bizseek
Vice President of Media Company of Yahoo Japan Corp. and CEO of GYAO Corporation. Founder of Fractalist
Corporate Officer, EVP President of Media Company of Yahoo Japan Corp. Founder of Cirius Technologie
Unique access to Yahoo Japan’s operational experience
Unparalleled Japan market entry support
Our sole LP allows us to focus only on our portfolio companies
Fast decision making and focused support due to sole LP fund operation.
2019/2/22Mirrativ Inc. receives investment funding from YJ3 Investment Partnership
2018/11/30Crowdcredit, Inc. receives investment funding from YJ3 Investment Partnership
2018/9/1Established YJ 3 Investment Partnership with funds of 20 billion JPY.
2018/5/16YJ2 Investment Partnership purchases shares of Retty Inc.
2018/3/30MFS Co., Ltd. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2018/3/22Yahoo! JAPAN and YJ Capital, in collaboration with Sinar Mas Group and East Ventures have established the new fund "EV Growth Fund" to invest IT companies in Southeast Asia in the stage after series A.
2018/1/22Dely inc. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2017/12/1Candee Inc. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2017/10/31KAIZEN Platform receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership
2017/10/30Dely, inc. receives investment funding from YJ2 Investment Partnership

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